Catalunya, 31 October - 25 November 2017
"Dear Tim

I have 5 paintings prepared to disconcert the public, although not made with that purpose.

They are in progress which, in my opinion, keeps them alive and transparent but not as finished as some viewers might expect paintings to be.

There is always the issue of doubt - which we all have in relation to our actions. These doubts, of course, reflect our insecurity and, at the same time, our determination.

Once on the walls of the gallery they will show their credentials with no further possibility of my intervention. I will be one of the observers and I will have my own opinions and feelings.

The exhibition is an homage to my good friend Francesc Fita from Girona in north-eastern Spain. Francesc is like a brother to me and was a fellow member of the Catalan artistic group "Flamma" (1948-1953). Francesc celebrates his 90th Birthday this year - which I will also do in 2018.

The title of the show is Catalunya.


Auckland, 18 October 2017