Linden Simmons

Over Your Cities Grass, 26 July - 3 September 2011
KARL CHITHAM: Curator "Liquid Dreams"
"Linden Simmons is consumed by the newspaper. Every turn of the page offers the hope of the quintessential image. A photograph that is not only evocative and thought-provoking, but contains an element of mystery, an ambiguous tension. He is moved by the extreme tragedy depicted in the banal format of the daily news, an ephemeral part of the everyday that is digested and then just as quickly discarded.

Graduating from Auckland University of Technology in 2008, Simmons has quickly established himself as a considered and sensitive maker. The decision to use watercolour stemmed from an appreciation of the delicacy and planning required for each stroke of the brush. An unforgiving medium, watercolour also allows Simmons to add a weightiness and art-historical tone to the throwaway nature of his highly charged subject matter.

Fascinated with the way in which images interact in a newspaper page layout, Simmons removes the text to consciously increase the tension, forcing a consideration of the negative spaces between and around the images he has extracted. All this combined with the size of the paper, the installation, and the titles of the individual works reflects a necessary relationship to the paintings' point of origin."

June 2010
The New Dowse Gallery