Find Your Way, 02 - 27 May 2017
In the April 2017 issue of Art Collector magazine, Ashley Crawford quotes Matt Arbuckle as saying that his process begins with "a feeling" - a need to go out into the world and get re-energised or visually stimulated." Given that his bold brushwork borders on pure abstraction, it is surprising to learn that he makes use of a camera, shooting on the archaic medium of film, as a method of drawing and composing ideas. "An important part of this process is bringing my eye right up to the viewfinder and using the physical frame to create the composition - as opposed to composing the image on a digital screen", he says. "There is a considered immediacy that I am drawn to; a suspended moment."

Matt Arbuckle graduated from UNITEC (Auckland) with a Bachelor's degree in Painting and he divides his time between New Zealand, Germany and Australia. He currently lives in Melbourne where he has a studio and where he works with the National Gallery of Victoria's installation team.

He has shown broadly since 2010, including exhibitions in London and Berlin. Arbuckle's work is held in collections including Chartwell and the Wallace Arts Trust. Find Your Way is Matt's third exhibition at Tim Melville.