Cartography of the Unknown, 03-28 April 2018
Andrew Blythe's 'Cartography of the Unknown' takes its title from the Orlando Stewart documentary shown at the 2017 NZ International Film Festival. This 11-minute short film was an introduction to Blythe's turbulent life and intense art practice. Its single screening sold out and it is now available to view on vimeo.

Andrew Blythe's most recent exhibition includes a suite of 'poured' paintings in new colours, several graphic, linear and layered works using the artist's trademark repeated 'xx' and 'no' motifs, as well as a new series of multi-coloured works in crayon and pencil on paper.

In the Winter 2012 issue of Art News New Zealand, artist and art advocate Stuart Shepherd wrote:
"Pattern and rhythm play a big part in [Andrew's] work, but pattern-breaking also happens - and sometimes a layering of other patterns occurs so that visual 'accidents' happen.
If Andrew's work could be transcribed as music it would sound like improvisational jazz with a strong jungle backbeat."

'Cartography of the Unknown' is Andrew Blythe's fifth solo exhibition at Tim Melville.